Confession #7: I think Karma is a bia.

Confession #7: I think Karma is a bia..

Yup, it’s true. I think Karma’s a bitch. But not in the way you would typically think. For me, it’s more like Karma’s my homie, always looking out for me but we both know she has it in her to screw me over at any point in time without intention. You know, like your high school bff who is always there for you, looking out, keeping you out of trouble for the most part, but has the tendency to do something shady and you have the type of relationship where you can call her a bitch jokingly, yet both of you know it’s true but you are both well aware of the fact that she will protect you more than she hurts you. Well, that’s the type of relationship Karma and I have.

I’m realizing this as I notice how things typically work out for me. I put out as much good into the world as I can. Never for the purpose of getting it returned later. but somehow it does. And for this I’m grateful. Karma seems to have my back, always taking care that things end as they should. that I be where I should. that life happens as it should. But every now and then, something shitty happens, something outside of my control, or without due cause. And that’s when I think, “Karma, you bitch.” …and then I think of those I’ve hurt. unintentionally. of friends, family, lovers (while i’ve never been too fond of this word, i must admit it captures a  certain type of relationship quite well), romantic partners, situations and interactions where i could have done more, could have been better.  I guess it has to be returned at some point.

It’s cool, Karma, we can still be tight, even if you are a bitch sometimes.

what I learned from this confession: despite the abovementioned, my perception of karma hasn’t changed, nor should it. I am going to continuing doing me, putting out as much good into the world, serving others as best I can. What happens to me will be a direct result of my actions, my intentions, and my beliefs. If Karma happens to hand me something I don’t feel is deserved or hurts a little or harms me some, I know the underlying intention is what matters, and that is to get me to learn from whatever it is and realize that everything happens for a reason and I am and will continue to be where I should be. Good looking out, Karma, good looking out.


related yet unrelated yet pretty much on track:

this is how some people think of it, but i think they’re missing the point slightly if the intention for not seeking revenge (or whatever other action/reaction is chosen) is for it still to be delivered but by an outside source. like passing on the responsibility, which kinda sorta still leaves a shitty intention behind it all. the above makes more sense, i think. your karma vs. theirs.

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