that’ll never be me — or surrendering to discomfort.

I’m sitting in a local coffee shop. Finally found one that isn’t Starbucks so my heart flutters a little as it reminds me of my time in Austin. Anyway, I’m sitting here having just finished an early morning yoga session, done out of necessity and randomness and sleepy decisions. I walk out to my car to retrieve my headphones, because music helps me work and because it shuts out reality for a moment and because music is healing so I don’t need another reason. I step outside. As I do, a gorgeous woman steps in. 6-inch patent leather heels. Skinny jeans showing off her svelte figure. Designer shirt and scarf wrapped perfectly. Long, straight, black hair. Sunglasses covering half of her face, makeup covering the rest.

And I thought, that will never be me.

I say this as I continue to my car. In my jeans and Chucks and Texas hoodie. Hair pulled back. No makeup. Ready for hours of productivity and musings and overdue focus on responsibility. Even on a good day that will never be me. Scratch that. It is a good day. And that is not me. And that is okay.

I credit rejection and discoveries and bounce-backs and finding peace through bikram for allowing me that thought. It is a good day, friends.


“surrender to discomfort; it is healing.”


“find peace in this moment…and take a little bit of it with you.”





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