fearlessness and open-hearted visions, beer drinking and free-spirits – or basic motivating forces.

  So here it is. My vicious cycle. Brought to realization over conversation and beer…I’ve learned and accepted that most of my deep thinking happens to occur this way. [And, as I reread my thoughts, I wonder about the vulnerability I’m expressing here. About those who may read it and judge. Or assume. But those [...]



Dear friends-acquaintances-folks from the interweb, I have a few (very honest) confessions to share. I, as explained below, do this cautiously, hoping to spur thoughts but not judgments. So, here they are: I find that, sometimes, I am a crappy daughter, sister, friend person. I’ve learned that while others run toward their family, given that [...]

there’s always music playing in my head — or living deliberately.

i think i've recently learned a few things about the way my mind works. some of these things make me question my sanity. not enough obviously to make any changes at the moment. that would be too logical. instead, just a tad. just enough to maintain that constant thinking and re-thinking i find myself doing. [...]

“love me when i least deserve it” — or maybe they’re right..

not sure of the fairness of the above statement. but, i found it somewhat helpful in putting into words my current thoughts. [fair warning: this may be a bit vague. this may seem to not make sense. this may be slightly self-deprecating and away from the whole "seeking happiness" purpose i usually write about. but [...]

i needed a day.

i needed a day. so i took one. and i drove. and drove, thinking, i’ll keep driving til the road ends. eventually, surprisingly it did. part of me had been afraid of finding that place filled with brief memories from a day long ago during the drive. the other part of me hoped for it, [...]

“I am woman; hear me” — or sexist musings

I feel like I should put a warning label for explicit content like they do on a Lil Wayne CD or something. How does that go? Warning: the following may be inappropriate for children under 17….wait, I think that line is used for films or television shows…you get the point though. Fair warning. Apologies in [...]

free-spirited mujer — or on identity crisis.

I think I’ve figured it out. the struggle, I mean. the one that partially led me to disconnect. the one that might require me to do so again. I think I’ve really figured it out. what’s behind the struggle, maybe what contributes to it. Right now, they’re just thoughts, hypotheses untested but seemingly explaining this [...]