“can’t blame a guy for trying” — or a windy city welcome

“can’t blame a guy for trying, a lady as beautiful as you.”

Sweet. Very humbling. Never expected.

But really, how can you tell when a line is just a line leading to an action or when it’s something more, truthful, felt, meant?

Context clues, body language, “something” told me it was just a line. Maybe it was the way he leaned in, close, politely entering my personal space without question or apology. Or maybe it was what I noticed in him; attractive pilot, cool demeanor, friendly presence, man-noises [you know, cat-call-grunt-like-make-me-feel-like-a-thing-to-be-looked-at-rather-than-a-being…yeah, those ones] made when I stood up at our designated terminal and walked by. Or even-maybe-mostly it was because he called me beautiful. Me. Hair disheveled. the 4 hours of sleep received evident on my face. lack of makeup and abundance of stress a la newly forming facial acne that made me feel I was going through teenage years all over again. What can I say, I’m was a little doubtful.

So, I respectfully declined after giving it some thought and honesty in front of him and before we continued with small talk about freezing weather and snow-filled memories.

Maybe I should have taken up his offer of him taking me out once I returned home. Maybe we would have had lots in common and found a great connection. Maybe this is why I’m single. I’m sure my Mexican mother would agree. Or would at least have scolded me for not taking advantage of the situation.

So any help on how to discern when a line is just a line or when it means something more?

Maybe I’m wondering more about a long-term ‘friendship’ that i can’t quite figure out and less about initial meetings. Or maybe I’m wondering about recent initial meetings and true intentions.

Maybe I should stop wondering. And make some new, snow-filled memories


while in the City of Wind.


Maybe. Definitely.


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