Being proud — or, not my father’s reasons.

Well, folks, it finally happened. My dad told me he was proud of me. Clear as day.

Mija, I’m proud of you.

His reason? Me not being pregnant or having children at this point in my life.

Now, I can sit here and write about the machismo-reasonings behind that statement. the actual “i’m proud of you for not being a single woman with a baby because you need a man” explanation and not the potentially anticipated “i’m proud of you for not having getting pregnant at a young age and potentially stifling your future/career/life” idea.

I can sit here and write about the mexican-upbringing that might explain this. that might explain how that statement rolled off his tongue. in that moment. for that moment. and not for others. moments that some might argue would bring pride to anyone. even the grinch.

I can even sit here and write about the next generation, my sister, who was recently slapped with the realization of unfairness. unfairness that accompanies being a Latina. in my family. with aspirations. and goals. and vocal strength.


tell them yes.

Instead, I’ll write about what the amazingness that accompanies being a Latina.
what lifts me up.
what inspires me to keep saying yes.
what makes me proud of me. finally.

I am proud of myself for:

  • being where I am professionally. as a woman. a mujer. at 25. ((i’m kind of a badass))
  • accepting my vulnerabilities. my weaknesses. my humanness.
  • having my head on straight ((whatever that means))
  •  checking items off my list
  • continuing to ask questions and seek answers ((or putting myself out there, here))
  •  finally reaching my fitness goals…in a healthy manner. for the first. e.v.e.r. ((want to hear my top-secret-so-earth-shattering-it’ll-put-weight-loss-industry-out-of-business secret? healthy, well-balanced eating and a variety of physical activities. …don’t tell anyone))
  • continuing to see more of the world (or the U.S. at least). and learning from it
    ((planned for this year, you ask?
    Chicago, Salt Lake City, Galveston, & Hawaii…so far. 3/4 are for conference presentations but seriously, i’ll take professional development in Hawaii
  • continually striving toward my daily goals of pushing through, being better, and loving more ((at the moment, with the risk of losing sleep and a tiny bit of sanity… hey, i’m still working at this))
  • still working at this
  • surviving.

what are you proud of (for you)?


3 thoughts on “Being proud — or, not my father’s reasons.

  1. Welcome to WWWW. Your words put me in your place and help me feel what you feel. Do read Sandra Sotomayer’s book. She grew up poor in a Bronx housing project at a time when gangs were carving up the neighborhood, learned she had juvenile diabetes when she was 7 and lost her father a couple of years later. She would go on to Princeton (where she won the prestigious Pyne Prize), Yale Law School, the Manhattan district attorney’s office and ultimately the Supreme Court, where she became the nation’s first Hispanic justice. That’s amazingness, isn’t it?

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