let’s not mention everything i dabble in — or woe is me, just this once.

I’ve wanted to write about why I think I may just end up an old spinster. About how I get asked why I’m single and don’t provide an answer even though I have a hunch. About how people, guys, call me beautiful. About how I’m not even sure what that means exactly, how I don’t [...]


“eff off,” microexpressions, & the (supposed) real reason I’m single.

  So I learned recently about this idea of microexpressions. You know, the whole-Lie-to-Me-I-can-find-out-if-you’re-being-deceitful-hey-you-twitched-I-caught-you! stuff. But in a slightly more systemic & backed by pretty cool research sorta way. Anyway, one of the perks about what i do is learning about cool stuff like this. I have always been one to people-watch/stare/intrude/whatever-you-wanna-call-it-but-I’m-sticking-with-people-watching-because-it-sounds-less-stalkerish. I notice people’s [...]

Seeing them dance – or city away from the city

Seeing them. Dancing with one another. Family. Friends. Interacting. Happily. Made me want a piece of it. I think I could have it back “home.” But probably only in a dysfunctional sorta way. Honestly, it’s probably all dysfunctional to a certain point most likely. It just works because those around are just as eff’ed up [...]

“can’t blame a guy for trying” — or a windy city welcome

“can’t blame a guy for trying, a lady as beautiful as you.” Sweet. Very humbling. Never expected. But really, how can you tell when a line is just a line leading to an action or when it’s something more, truthful, felt, meant? Context clues, body language, “something” told me it was just a line. Maybe [...]

“forgiveness is the only freedom” — on forgiveness. and freedom. and happy.

i sit here among tea & books & inauguration speeches, reflecting on this past weekend, guided by words of an undoubtedly great man human being mentioned and honored on this day along side another significant individual in our nation's history. There’s something about love that builds up and is creative. There is something about hate [...]

Being proud — or, not my father’s reasons.

Well, folks, it finally happened. My dad told me he was proud of me. Clear as day. Mija, I'm proud of you. His reason? Me not being pregnant or having children at this point in my life. Now, I can sit here and write about the machismo-reasonings behind that statement. the actual "i'm proud of [...]

“you look better with the lights off” — or the naked truth

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way. Girl you look better with the lights off." Sorry Mr. Breezy & New Boyz, I think most would take it the wrong way. kindasortalike when you say "no offense buuut...," the statement tends to indeed bring offense, despite your polite preface. But let's purposefully overlook the [...]