’tis the season — or things missed

[on nostalgia & happy]

there are things i find myself missing ((or at least thinking about missing)), particularly-perhaps-just-maybe because i find myself single during the Christmas season for the first time since my junior year of high school. so i figured ’tis the season to be single…and reflective.

things missed:

  • sharing drinks that taste like Christmas potpourri
  • ballets, orchestras, & other romantically cultured events
  • Christmas lights & company (i.e. trails of lights, driving around searching for homes & their lights, putting up lights indoors…basically anything that twinkles makes me happy)
  • blankets & fireplaces
  • truck rides on country roads guided by twinkling blanket above & easy conversation
  • sneaking into parks…near midnight…with bottles of wine (very much a high school reference but i still miss it…or think about missing it)
  • snow…and the messages in them (although there’s something calming in realizing you don’t necessarily miss the writer of the messages, just the messages themselves)
  • Christmas surprises

…and then I chalk it up to nostalgia and decide ’tis the season to be happy, merry happy🙂


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