learning italian, facebook, & guitar lessons in 2013 — or on doing instead of resolving

In place of wishing and hoping and resolving that certain things happen in 2013, I decided to do things a little differently this time around. switching things up for the sake of my happy if you will. It feels like all this past year (and all the years past) I would hope for certain things [...]


5 reasons i know the grinch attempted to steal christmas but failed — or part 2.

[on holidays & happy] I can write now. about the clues that led to my realization that the grinch didn't steal christmas after all. about how Charlie Brown saved my Christmas. & about love and laughter and happy. ((you & I are both going to ignore the fact that we are closer to New Year's [...]

5 reasons i know the grinch attempted to steal christmas but failed — or part 1.

[on relationships & happy] i wasn't going to write today. correction, i had every intention of writing today. not about this though. about something else. about what the title alludes to. about how i figured out the grinch didn't steal christmas after all. about how it came together in it's own way. about how the [...]

5 reasons i know the grinch stole christmas

[on holiday & happy] The grinch did away with the holiday spirit. and i kinda like it. How I did I come to this oh-so-sound conclusion, you ask? Well... 5. in place of tons of wrapped presents under the tree, there are some wrapped presents...mostly from me. 4. no christmas dresses or button-up shirts. no [...]

i’m having a moment — or (briefly) on not running away

[on lessons & happy] I'm having a moment. A real cut-off-the-world-eat-chocolate-and-reflect-while-listening-to-throw-back-music moment. Life and family dealt me struggles. nothing new. I figured I had two options (courtesy of chocolate-fueled reflections). I could do what I had so wonderfully horribly humanly found myself accustomed to: escaping. running away. throwing myself into false happiness via inebriation & [...]

fortune cookie insights — or love, actually

[on love & happy] So this was my fortune today. Business. and health. blossoming. Thank you, delicious-fast-food-chinese-restaurant fortune. One more thing to confirm my life's successes are in these two ((and only these two, not three)) areas. could it be possibly-maybe-perhaps because this is where most of my efforts go? wowza. too deep a thought [...]

’tis the season — or things missed

[on nostalgia & happy] there are things i find myself missing ((or at least thinking about missing)), particularly-perhaps-just-maybe because i find myself single during the Christmas season for the first time since my junior year of high school. so i figured 'tis the season to be single...and reflective. things missed: sharing drinks that taste like [...]