to do: smile at a ladybug

[on luck & happy]

A ladybug landed on me today as I was walking the quarter mile up and down the hilly sidewalk to my car after work. It made me think of good luck and my Mexican mother. She’s always said ladybugs are good luck. It must be true. It also made me reflect on the day and things i had accomplished and things still to accomplish. So I decided to make a to-do list for the day…and tomorrow. and perhaps some things carried over more days. plus a few more days after that…

To Do:

  • laugh out loud before the sun rises while driving to work
  • have more 7am sessions w patients
  • be kind…do kind. randomly. or purposefully if preferred.
  • express vulnerability, honestly and openly
  • write more
  • check cute flats for random pieces of glass that may surprise you at the end of an 8hr day instead of at the beginning
  • look up at the sky and take in the white clouds on blue sky whenever possible…’whenever’ meaning always
  • drive with the windows down & music up, paying no attention to the wind messing up your hair beautifully or the passersby as you sing out loud
  • dig deeper when you work out, past your own strength ’til you uncover more
  • read more
  • smile when a ladybug lands on you


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