“Like if you’ve…” — or on defiance, stubbornness, or tenacity

[on gender & happy]

You’ve seen those “like if you’ve ___” posts on Facebook, right? Youknow, the ones that tell you to ‘like’ the post if you remember an old movie? …or if you remember a childhood trend? …or if you’re an 80s- / 90s- / any-decade-because-they-all-eventually-have-trends- baby? …or if you support our troops? …or if you love Jesus?

`pause: this is not a post about my personal thoughts on any of these things. I don’t intend to put my biases  out there. Simply, this is just a reflection on something I discovered. An insight or life lesson if you will. gained through Facebook. Yes, you read that correctly — Facebook has led me to discover a personal truth. Crazyness, I think. Thus, I found it worth sharing. And, of potentially greater interest, through your feedback, I wondered whether this is a shared experience (the discovering of personal truths or gaining of insight through Facebook). Or if I, como dice mi padre, am indeed crazy and “weird.” `pausewithinapause: words from my Mexican father will be shared at some point in the near future. not quite as personal as reflection on conversations with my mexican mother (or at least I think so at this point, prior to any actual writing) but definitely worth some reflection on my end.

Ok, back to it. FB & insights. So yes, ‘like’ if you this or that or would or have. and lesson learned? Well, basically I learned that I hate dislike dislike with a deep-seated passion being told what to do. How did I reach that conclusion you ask? I noticed that when I saw these aforementioned posts, I rolled my eyes in a dramatic, teenage girl fashion and thought aloud internally, “Why yes, I do remember/like/would/have __. but NO, sir, I will NOT ‘like’ it!” …yes, folks, it is as dramatic as it seems….probably a tad bit more so than that.

I learned that I will not do something if someone tells me to do it, despite any original intentions suggestions otherwise. This doesn’t mean that I’m horrible at following instructions or taking directions or will always go against the grain for its simple purpose. [In real-nonwebspace life, I’m actually very accommodating, even willing most of the time, to serve and follow in the most positive sense of the word].

Another, perhaps more explicit & less social-network-y, example includes mis padres’ attempts at shaping my role as a housewife (prior to even being married! not that that would have made it better..). In my not-too-distant-but-feels-like-ages past, I lived with my partner, breaking the rules and my parents’ hearts. They got over that fairly quickly and would always ask/tell me about my duty to serve, cook, and clean, making sure that his needs were met and that he was happy. not mine. but his. ((thanks, mother and father. love, your daughter)). Well, despite my innate inclinations toward and love of cleanliness and cooking and caring for, I’d think, *”OH heeeell no! No you didn’t, parents. The good Lord gave him arms, legs, and health. He’s gonna do it on his own.” Mostly, this was reflected through a polite smile and lack of obedience. just how i like it. *

I guess maybe it comes down to imposed social roles….just something interesting I took note of 🙂
Soooo…have any of you noticed this type of reaction? Or am I indeed crazy and weird like my father says?

*While I would like to reflect that I typically take an equal-50-50-give&take stance on partnership, that’s not the point of this and it’s simply stated so that you all don’t assume I suck at being a caring partner. that’s all:)


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