“you can’t let anyone disturb your peace” — or shutting off the noise

[on peace & happy] I hope this old train breaks down Then I could take a walk around And, see what there is to see And time is just a melody All the people in the street Walk as fast as their feet can take them I just roll through town And though my windows [...]


appreciating sad, appreciating happy — or on figuring it out

[on sad & happy] the following thoughts came at about 2am one night when I couldn't sleep. so I did what I know best; I wrote. & realized these words apply to many moments, not just that night. some passed, some present, some to come... I never know what I think about something until I [...]

to do: smile at a ladybug

[on luck & happy] A ladybug landed on me today as I was walking the quarter mile up and down the hilly sidewalk to my car after work. It made me think of good luck and my Mexican mother. She's always said ladybugs are good luck. It must be true. It also made me reflect [...]

“there you go…again” — or we’ve all got one

[on love & happy] "baby there you go again making me love you I stopped using my head, let it all go Got you stuck on my body like a tattoo And now i'm feeling stupid crawling back to you So I cross my heart, and I hope to die, that I'll only stay with [...]

“don’t think I don’t think about it” — on regrets ((or whatever you call it))

[on regrets & happy] Between the work. and the hurt. and the whiskey... ever had that "should've" moment? or the "what if" that lingers in the air, stale to the taste, after a decision, action, reaction? When asked about regrets, I've always said (and will probably continue this trend of replying): nope. no regrets on [...]

“Like if you’ve…” — or on defiance, stubbornness, or tenacity

[on gender & happy] You've seen those "like if you've ___" posts on Facebook, right? Youknow, the ones that tell you to 'like' the post if you remember an old movie? ...or if you remember a childhood trend? ...or if you're an 80s- / 90s- / any-decade-because-they-all-eventually-have-trends- baby? ...or if you support our troops? ...or if you [...]

“I think a minute’s enough…just beam me up” — or on death and grieving

[on sad & happy] Through this continued exploration, I've come to terms with the fact that sometimes my happy has to include some sad. some loss. some grieving. The past year has definitely allowed me the chance to take notice of this, providing me with plenty of unavoidable slap-in-the-face opportunities to reflect. What I've learned (so far) [...]