“the talk” with my Mexican mother — or yup, we’re going there

[on gender & happy] **A few caveats. First, a much needed statement, contextualizing what is to follow. This post is about sex. And sexuality. And Mexican mothers. Yes, folks, we’re going there…as appropriately stated in the title. Also, I described a previous post as being one overflowing with self-disclosure, leaving me quite vulnerable in this [...]


“Nobody wants to know the truth” — or the truth about lies

[on truth & happy] Nobody wants to know the truth Until their hearts broken Don't you dare tell them What you think to do -- Til it happens to you Alright folks, I'm going to say it: Somedays, a lie is all you really want to hear. am.i.right? Ok, let me clarify. I love honesty. [...]

“My hopes the wind done scattered” — or happy travels

[Inspiration & happy] I write this 30,000 feet above ground. in my favorite place: amongst the clouds. returning from my 4th trip in this 2012 year. Again returning reinvigorated and reinspired. (I"m noticing a trend here.) By the time I was 17, and having known only Chicago, Durango, Mexico, and the mostly desolate highway that [...]

“What’s your type?” “short & crazy!”

[on love & happy] “Everyone is a little crazy. It is just a matter of figuring out which crazy you are willing to deal with.” Okay, let's cut to the chase. We all kind of have a "type." As much as I refused to believe it, it's kind of true. Well, let's look at that [...]

what’s wrong with broken? – or bruised but not broken, not broken just bent

[on love & happy] So sometimes-maybe-perhaps I contradict myself a tad. This usually happens because I tend to overthink, underthink, and, simply, think. Writing is usually present during each of these times. Meaning? Meaning, sometimes there’s proof of my contradictory nature. Wait; let’s add “well-meaning” before that phrase. Try again. Sometimes there’s proof of my [...]