another year — or hello 25

“The secret to staying young is to eat slowly, live honestly, and lie about your age.”

I turn 25 next Friday and ((despite my attempts to throw myself into work)) I find myself with the day off. [insert sad “spending each past birthday day alone for the past who knows how long but definitely too long which means change is needed” statement here].

So I decided to take a semi-proactive approach to planning my birthday day and hope something magically comes together for my birthday night.

here are my plans so far:

`wake up early & try for my new goal of riding 45mi

`find a yoga class somewhere, preferably bikram

`sneak in starbucks green tea into a movie
minor notes: 1. I’ve always thought everyone should go to a movie at by themselves at least once and 2. though no one can take away from the amazingness that is the new type of theater where you can enjoy food and alcohol at the comfort of your seat, they have taken away from one of my favorite things in the whole wide world — which is saying a lot. thankfully dollar movie theaters in the city still forbid outside food and beverages so let the law-breaking and solo-movie-watching begin.

`explore the city and find a new coffee/tea shop…and read

trying to convince myself this isn’t lame…but sortofkindof don’t really care

reflections on my quarter-life crisis will undoubtedly come in a post to follow.


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