another year — or hello 25

"The secret to staying young is to eat slowly, live honestly, and lie about your age." I turn 25 next Friday and ((despite my attempts to throw myself into work)) I find myself with the day off. [insert sad "spending each past birthday day alone for the past who knows how long but definitely too [...]


words for a (wo)man.

[on gender & happy] “It's definitely difficult being a woman and growing up a girl. When you're graceful, people say you lack personality; when you're serene, people say you're boring; when you're confident, people say you're arrogant; when you're feminine, people say you're too girly; and when you climb trees, people say you're too much [...]

“life does not actually occur as described by Drake” — or my Secrets

I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them. Anne Rice. So I should preface this by saying the following: I recently rekindled my passion for books and my love of reading. Actually, let me rephrase that: I [...]