words of wisdom from my mexican mother

actual conversation with my mom while driving ((fair warning, this is Spanglish at its finest – translation provided)):

Mami: halooo?? por que no le dijistes “hi” a el que iba manejando en el hummer?
[hello? why didn’t you say “hi” to the guy in the hummer?]
Me: porque? estaba cute?
[why? was he cute??]
Mami: who cares?? tiene un hummer!
[who care? he has a hummer!]

yup.that.just.happened. ahhh life lessons from my mom.

In all seriousness though, I don’t think she was being serious…okay, I’m 90% sure she wasn’t being serious. But I think she has a point. No, not the gold-digger-because-all-men-are-the-same point that many of you may be thinking. It’s the putting-yourself-out-there-and-meeting-people notion that is often overlooked. I think many of us expect for that special someone, or even other someones to just spend time with in hopes of increasing moments of happiness [friends, acquaintances, prospective others], to stroll into our lives without effort. Yet, how many times have we seen a movie where this occurs and our immediate reaction is “that doesn’t ever really happen in real life!” You know, the one where they’re at a laundromat and forget detergent and the attractive individual next to them happens to say she/he has extra? or the one where they’re at a video store and find themselves reaching for the same movie? or…well, you get the idea. My point is, these things don’t won’t happen unless we actually go to the laundromat or go to the video store or wave at the guy in the hummer. In other words, you must actually go outside yourself and meet new people if that “chance meeting” we are hoping for ever even has the possibility of existing.

so: go outside of yourself…

advice for me included.


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