“what if what we had was all we were meant to be..” — or accepting vulnerability

"What if what we had was all we were meant to be?" Words can say a lot without taking up much space. Take the above for example. I have reflected before on intentionality of others. on purpose. and meaning. All influential factors (I think) on this happiness thing. Given my most recent focus on relationships [...]


“not everyone’s a therapists” — or how we listen

I think I forget this. often. Possible reasons why this occurs: I am surrounded by therapists-in-training, therapists, psychologists, and/or psychiatrists at least 50% of my waking hours (which is probably a grave underestimation); I have been either learning, observing, doing, or supervising therapy for the past 4 years of my life (again, probably an underguesstimation; [...]

las desobedientes — or lessons learned en mi Mexico

**I stole the title from the book by the same name (Las Desobedientes: Mujeres de Nuestra America). It seemed very fitting. The following are (edited) reflections made in May 2012 upon my return from a brief visit to the Distrito Federal, Mexico. It was part of the requirements for the immersion course that allowed this opportunity so fair warning, it may [...]