“Entra en mi vida…”

“entra en mi vida, te abro la puerta.”

The past few months have led me to this feeling… I have begun to feel that everyone who enters into my life, even if for a fleeting moment, provides me with insight into my self. And into their self as well. At the risk of sounding cheesy, I truly believe these novel interactions are a gift toward happiness. India Arie (who has inspired other moments of wondering) has a great few lines in which she states:

“I have no idea, how long he’ll be here
A season or a lifetime, forever or a year
But for the first time in my life I’m not worried about the future
Because we have such a wonderful time when we’re together
However things turn out, it’s all right
Cause he’s already changed my life.”

I am living, believing this in the broadest, most impacting sense at the moment. I am receiving interaction with an open heart [unrestricted to solely romantic connections, but not neglecting them either]. I am liking. and loving. and accepting. Everyone I meet teaches me something greater than expected, how to reach that happiness goal (with minor exceptions of individuals with false intentions…though even these can be helpful beyond belief).

I am ready to meet amazing individuals…and to be okay when they have to leave, if circumstance deems it necessary. I think this can be freeing in the sense that I believe acceptance of things outside oneself is such a great (and challenging) feature of happiness. I think we should all be open to this, to open that door to interactions that may be wonderful, inspiring, simple, complicated, life-changing..


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