Resolutions — or hopes that will be realized

First let’s address the obvious “this is a post about resolutions yet it’s approximately 34 days into the new year” thought you are having. And let me address that with: I know. Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the “resolutions never stick and in 2 months ((max)) these things will be out of the picture” thought that is undoubtedly peaking through your thoughts. Again: I know. However, I will use every fiber in my being to avoid this stereotypical pitfall…or at least every fiber that isn’t being consumed elsewhere.

Below are things I want need for myself. These are not things that I hope to obtain and do away with (like the ‘work out 4 to 5 times a week for a few months’ hope many have). Rather, I want these things to become a natural part of my being. An added component of who I am.

And…here they are. In written form. Once out there, I can be held accountable.

1) Take CARE of myself :: this mean self-care in its broadest and deepest form.
physically (above all else)

2) be a better parent pet parent
my Honey, in my i-love-my-puppy-like-a-family-member opinion, demonstrates the most unconditional love I have ever felt, described best by country artist Billy Currington. And I, in my moments of ignoring needs other than my own, have neglected the quality of care I once provided. So…back to it.

puppy love_2008
puppy love_2011

 3) write. write. write.
expressing my thoughts [in hopes of a. simply expressing them so as to not hold them in and b. sharing them with others who may take a miniscule lesson, thought, seed out of it and move forward in a positive manner] is one of the best forms of self care I have found for myself. I plan to start by exploring what each of these hopes means to me. for me. and fo others.

4) Be honest.
with myself.
with others.
in every sense of the word.

5) Give myself permission to fail, cry, pick myself up, move forward…all without allowing for my sense of self to be altered, diminished, or questioned to the extent it had been
allow myself room for error.
allow myself to be human.

6) Brag a little.
acknowledge my self worth.
notice my accomplishments.

This is not meant to be an all inclusive list with finality as to what I wish hope will accomplish. The intent of this post is accountability. For myself. For yourself if any of this resonates with your story. From you to hold me accountable. And for you, to find someone to do the same if that is what is felt best.


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