Unexpected Essentials

So…I begin by apologizing to myself for going almost 10 full days without reflecting on what been keeping me going. Ironically, this post comes after a day filled with moments that have essentially stopped me from going. More thoughts on that will undoubtedly come shortly…but I will save that for another time. This post is solely for the reflection on my moments of peace..followed by how others get their moments in throughout their days.


Therefore, here is a recap of a few things that have gotten me through the week:

Jessie J -- powerful lyrics planting seeds of thought..







kashi bars -- i finally found them! trust me, it's been difficult. this made the latter part of my Saturday 🙂
lighting storms & rain — calming me after 12hr days





18-mi bike ride through calming landscape...yup, definitely moz 🙂


All of these were, for the most part, unplanned, unexpected, and essential to keeping my days going. These random moments that seem to slap me in the face as if to say, “Claudia Maritza! (…because everything directive has to include my middle name in order for me to pay fullest attention. Chalk it up to my Mexican upbringing.) Stop for a second and look! You need this!” So I do the only thing I can do during those moments…try to make them last a little longer. Taking the long way home more often in hopes of catching another storm.