my moment of zen?



Not to steal away from Mr. Jon Stewart, but he sparked a thought the other day with his closing credits: what gets me zen/at peace/happy? …perhaps, more importantly, more necessary, what is my moment of zen? Initially, I wondered when those moments were for me, if they existed on the daily. I was determined to find this answer. But, I know now that my initial thoughts were misguided; I was wrong to wonder that. I know that moments of peace are scattered throughout my day, seemingly unobserved by my preoccupation with life, waiting to be recognized and not overlooked the second things don’t go as planned. As an updated goal, I am determined to be more conscious and realize my peace during the day.


After I was shaken back to reality by life this past spring, I was determined to keep the concept of self-care at the forefront of my mind and my actions, not to plummet into a stage of self pity and cynicism, something many did, something I often wanted to do. So, like any logical overworked individual, I threw myself into work/school/other. And, as a result, thought I needed vacations to recoup, reorganize, and restrengthen. Getaways to places, longer periods away from all responsibility, time set aside to forget about life. I think I overlooked a key fact: I don’t need to get away to feel at peace, happy, or excited about life. Recent moments in my personal life have proved that. Daily moments remind me that I am blessed. Daily moments remind me that life is continuing, regardless of how I’m feeling. Daily moments remind me that I am happier than I have ever been in life. Yet, these moments are so easily overshadowed when “life” happens. Disagreements, discontentment, dissatisfaction; how quickly I forget about “these moments” when these sort of things occur. When I put this kind of thought into needing to feel at peace or happy, I feel like a spoiled teenager who is complaining about getting my brand new car taken away after breaking curfew one too many times when every other need I have is met to the fullest. …yeah, it’s sooo not a pretty picture I paint of myself.


And so that is my challenge; bringing “these moments” into the forefront. Mostly, because they are there and this is a great way to be sort of forced into a state of consciousness of how truly abundant these moments are for me. And to help myself moving in a positive direction and not take for granted what I truly have. Therefore, I will ((try)) to post my moment of zen each day, be it a picture, a phrase, a story, a person…

Life isn’t stopping, and neither are my moments of happiness.



my moment of zen this weekend*

*9-24-11: 17-mi bike ride, Salado Creek, Mcallister Park


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