“besame, besame mucho”

Fact: jazz has the magical ability of turning me into a romantic sap. Hence, sounds of Dean Martin and the Rat Pack are currently filling my room; spillover from yesterday, mind you as my natural inclinations toward romantic doings are limited, very limited.

To better explain, I was recently blessed with the opportunity to attend a close friend’s wedding vow renewal. It was honestly very beautiful. Jazz playing in the background, filling the room with Love; it was hard to miss. You know that look that says “no matter what, I”m here and take you as you are”? Yeah, that was there. The pastor said something about one not necessarily needing wedding rings to know that someone is married because their spouse is engraved in their hearts…or something wonderfully cheesy like that. I liked it. I wanted to believe it. Yup, me! I turned into this mushy gushy girl with the thought of getting married, someday getting married, the possibility of finding someone to spend my life with.

so maybe happiness is this?

No worries, this only lasted for a matter of minutes. Okay, I’m lying. Seeing as I’m listening to Dean Martin serenade me with his rendition of “besame mucho,” I know I’m lying. Among happiness, love is something else I love. I admit it. The Dalai Lama* said that happiness also comes from love and companionship; true companionship, not only the physical stuff. Makes sense. Physical companionship can be fleeting; here one minute, gone the next, literally in some cases…awkward attempt at a haha moment..let’s move on. But seriously, I like how he thinks. Happiness can come from having someone physically present, but in the end is this true happiness and love or simply a result of constant companionship? I can’t answer that entirely but I think I have a good sense that Mr. Lama is on to something. Current life circumstances seem to show evidence in favor of this thing called love and the happiness that can result.

*No, I haven’t spoken to D personally, but I am reading a book he co-authored with a psychologist. Pretty good stuff, D 🙂




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