#gutsoverfear — or on (40) days

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[failure & happiness]

Folks, I started Lent this year with good intentions. Really good ones. really I did. It wasn’t about Numbers like before.
…I actually don’t know what it was supposed to be about. or I do… sort of. Cleansing, I guess. didn’t really work out that way. Read the rest of this entry »

I am not my hair.

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[hair & happy]

So I’ve been having this struggle with beauty lately.

I’ve done a few things about it.

I wrote about Numbers. I’ve been attempting to attempt the whole eating-healthy-working-out-not-overdoing-it thing ((again)). So far so good with that. But I’m still struggling. I also read this article on beauty and the most powerful decision a woman can make (read it, I’ll wait. seriously, it’s a good one.)

This kinda sums up how I feel most of the times:

“Some days, I don’t know what do with beauty. Sometimes I want to banish it from my life entirely. Have nothing to do with any part of it. Ban it, get rid of it, scream, “fuck beauty and fuck beauty standards” to everything, and be on my merry way. That way, I won’t be participating in the endless judgments I place on other humans, and on myself.”

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A note, to Clouds, on balance.

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Dear Clouds,
I’m sorry to tell you this but balance is bullshit.
*read this article. it’s full of slap you in your face truth — which i think is some of the best kind of truth there is. like this one:

More than 50 years ago, the United States was roiled by the feminist and sexual revolutions, which together sought to bring women out of their household isolation and into a community devoted to achieving broader social goals. Yet far from rallying around these quaint echoes of sisterhood, we seem stuck today in a purgatory of perfection—each of us trying so hard to be everything that inevitably, inherently, we fail.

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I needed a year.

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it’s been a weird day. so i figured i’d write.

the past handful of days have been…weird.

Clouds, really? you’re writing but not really saying anything. explore?

good idea.

So I found out Friday that I was accepted to an internship program, that I’d be moving, that I’d finally move forward instead of sitting impatiently in the limbo that has been my life for the past 2 years.

pretty great, huh? well, yeah. not gonna lie, it was pretty amazing.

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135-40-125-130 — or on numbers

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[numbers & happy]

real talk: I’ve attempted to write this post quite a few times. I actually thought I had started it a few times but when I went to my drafts folder, all that there was was the title and blank space. Thinking about it vaguely, it’s been attempted 5 times over the past year and half. The post was originally titled “on number after 40 days.” Fittingly, this was after giving up weighing myself for Lent.

maybe I should backtrack a little bit. So I’ve written before about beautiful and biutiful and body image and highs and lows and cycles and patterns. Someone once told me that if I keep writing about it, maybe it’s because I haven’t learned what I’m supposed to about whatever it is I’m writing about. I think she’s right. She’s kind of awesome and insightful like that. Read the rest of this entry »

$50 words on a $5 budget — or, on language

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[language & happy] indexSo I started writing about my experience with language a while back. Per usual, this process began on a random notepad and scrap pieces of paper, which have since been misplaced after months of not returning to the topic. Recent reflections, readings, and reactions to conversations brought back those thoughts…though I can’t say the Same for whatever paper they started on (trust me, I looked).

So language, huh?
Yup, well I kinda suck at it. Let’s explore. (fair warning, this will probably be a nice scenic route exploration. mostly because i really feel it needs…I need it. also mostly, because I feel like it…and let’s face it, I do what I want. good thoughts are coming, people friends, so it’ll be worth the read (i hope)). Read the rest of this entry »

one in a million…revisited.

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I’ve talked about the idea that I’ve been told I’m one in a million billion before…like way-back-when-before-I-realized-I’m-not-everyone’s-cup-of-tea before. I (serendipitously/universe-guided/Godwinked) ended up reading this post as I waited for my flight to board, in the middle of traveling and stressing and hoping. After reading my thoughts written about 2 1/2 years ago, the following things came to mind:

* I sound kind of douchey. While I don’t think I was lying when I stated the focus wasn’t on what others thought of me, I think I was unintentionally kinda sorta actually fishing for a compliment. I wanted to feel special, like I believed that I was one in a million billion, like whoever said that believed it with all his heart and soul…and others should too. because, dammit I’m special and people /slash/ I need to believe that.


A simple reflection on that post followed as I was taken up to my most favorite place on earth — in the clouds…literally:

i am not special. Read the rest of this entry »